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Our vision is to see a more generous world where charities thrive. Talk to us about how we can help your charity do more.

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What Does Blue Sea Do?

Blue Sea's mission is to give charities the power to fundraise successfully.

For Blue Sea, a thriving charity is a charity with more - more buzz, more momentum, and yes, more money. By participating in one of our signature peer-to-peer fundraising events, your charity will gain more capacity, raise more support, and create more impact.

More Choice

Blue Sea offers three national peer-to-peer fundraising events for social service charities to consider for their annual, signature event fundraising. Both the Ride for Refuge and the Coldest Night of the Year are recognized in Canada's Top 30 p2p events, with The Grand Parade quickly rising in the ranks. Learn more >

More Knowledge

When you work with Blue Sea our team of peer-to-peer experts will thoroughly train and coach your team, supported by a detailed online guide and our super-cool event portal. The knowledge and skills you gain working with us will dovetail profitably into all your other fundraising efforts too.

More Results

Why do hundreds of well-known Canadian charities tap into our national, Top 30 peer-to-peer fundraising events rather than creating their own? They get results. Since 2010, Blue Sea charity partners have raised over $95,000,000 working with us. Learn more >

$95,000,000+Raised since 2010

More Questions?

We love questions! Check out our FAQ Page for the most common ones, or pick up your phone and Contact us - we're happy to help.

Blue Sea Foundation is a registered Canadian Charity (CRA Number 819882655RR0001). Learn more about our mission, our unique partner grant program for approved charities, how we raise and spend our finances, and our Board of Directors.

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