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Is Blue Sea a for-profit company?

Nope! Blue Sea is a registered Canadian charity approved by CRA as a public foundation, #819882655RR0001. When we initally registered as a corporation back in 2010, the Inc. was added in, but we're a public foundation by type.

What are the payout levels to charities?

Each of our events is a little different, but the thing they have in common is the payout grid. This grid accelerates as charities fundraise - the more they raise, the higher the payout percentage will be. Payouts range from a minimum 65% (for small results) to 80% (for more substantial results) of total verified funds allocated to each charity. On average, across all events, the average payout to charity partners is 73%.

Why are you called Blue Sea Philanthropy in some places?

Blue Sea Philanthropy was the name we launched with, and it has served us well for many years. However, a lot of people found 'Philanthropy' hard to spell and say (it is, it's true!) and then weren't entirely sure what it meant even if they could spell it. So after much agonizing, we made the decision to shift our name to Blue Sea Foundation to better reflect our charitable status and mission, and make it a little easier to find us too.

How are 'earned grants' earned?

Approved charity partners earn their grants based on their individual success recruiting teams and participants who successfully fundraise. Talk to us to learn more about how our grants are structured, we'd love to help you out.

Is Blue Sea a third-party fundraising company?

We're not a third-party fundraising company - we’re a charity, a federally-registered Canadian foundation that facilitates charity fundraising through our national turn-key events, coaching, and administrative support, utilizing an attractive economy of scale.

Does Blue Sea accept grant applications?

No. Charities apply to join our national peer-to-peer events and once accepted, "earn" grants by fundraising through those events. Unlike most foundations, Blue Sea Foundation has no endowed funds, accepts no proposals, and makes no other grants.

Do you charge a lot for admin costs? I think I heard you charge over 50% or something?

No, our costs are not even close to 50%. Check out our Financial Reporting area to see exactly where the money goes.

In Canada, most charitable events of any reasonable size cost 50 cents on the dollar (or more). But our decades of experience, economies of scale, and efficient operation keep Blue Sea event costs as low as 22%, with only 6% allocated for admin costs such as rent, phones, insurance, audits, and financial staff.

What is an ‘earned grant’?

An earned grant is the term we use to describe the grants each of our charity partners earn through their participation in any of our national events. The more they successfully cultivate fundraising participants, the higher their grant payout and percentage.

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